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“Mr. Thomson's compositions are intricately wrought and incident-steeped, even when they move in snowlike drifts. The gutsy precision of the playing calls for hearing this music in a performance setting.” - Nate Chinen, Critics Choice CD, The New York Times



The 2010 debut of Slow/Fast was called the #1 Debut CD of 2010 by George Grella of The Big City blog; was in the Top 30 Albums of 2010 by The Awl's Seth Colter Walls, and was on many Jazz Journalist Association's Best of 2010 lists.

Now for 2014, the followup record comes....

Combining the sounds of chamber jazz and improvisational freedom with the coherence of contemporary classical composition, with an often distortion-laden twist, Ken Thomson and Slow/Fast bring together some of the outer-boroughs' great talents-- musicians who can perform challenging written music while bringing fire to improvisation.

With Thomson on bass clarinet, alto saxophone and compositions, they are Russ Johnson, trumpet; Nir Felder, guitar; Adam Armstrong, bass, and Fred Kennedy, drums.

The disc will be released on Brooklyn's NCM East records in September 2014.

Coming from his background performing with his punk/jazz quartet Gutbucket (touring to 19 countries and 33 US States), touring internationally with the Bang on a Can All-Stars, directing the Asphalt Orchestra (Lincoln Center, Barbican, etc), and having composed for the American Composers Orchestra and Bang on a Can, Thomson shapes the music of Slow/Fast through his unique filter. It is long-form and through-composed, with deliberate spaces for improvisation.

The group has performed across NYC at the Brooklyn Academy of Music and Winter Jazzfest, and traveled to the Midwest to perform at the Detroit Institute of the Arts and more; the individual members (and Thomson himself) have performed at prominent jazz festivals worldwide.

There is already buzz around Settle, recorded last year, having completed a successful Kickstarter campaign with 89 backer-supporters. Slow/Fast are on the roster of Subtone Concerts in Germany.

About the new release:


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